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As an SAP Gold Partner, our qualified and strong team aims to transform all our technological know-how into value.

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Our dedication to quality, commitment to customer success, and global project experience are key to our success. We form our team rigorously, in line with our global perspective, and learning culture.

We closely follow the latest concepts and technologies such as S/4HANA, Industry 4.0, CX, Artificial Intelligence or the latest analytical tools and make predictions for the future business needs. While meeting the current needs of businesses in all our projects, we determine their future needs and recommend appropriate technologies.

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As a strict follower of SAP’s innovative roadmap, we have signed many “first” projects, locally and globally, and we continue to do so.

In addition to providing consultancy services for various SAP products, we develop SAP integrated software to solve local customer needs. Delivering fast and high-quality professional services and supporting sustainable business processes for SAP products are the our priority.

We are a part of continuous development and the traces of technological developments show that; the digitalization process around the world offers many reasons for new collaboration opportunities.

In an age where digitalization is at the heart of market adaptation, we continue on our way with our excitement to be the driving force of businesses.

Our Team

ali tamer keskin

Ali Tamer Keskin

General Manager

sinan findikci

Sinan Fındıkçı

Head Of Commerce

tolga saglikoglu

Tolga Sağlıkoğlu

Head Of Supply Chain Management

sadik dadalioglu

Sadık Dadalıoğlu

Head of Corporate Functions

alper karabulut

Alper Karabulut

Head of Move & Technology 

kagan ozdemir

Kağan Özdemir

Head of R&D

gorkem ucerler

Görkem Üçerler

Head of Analytical Solutions

altuğ bilsev

Altuğ Bilsev

Head of Human Resources

eren guney

Eren Güney

Head of PMO

cigdem bagbakan

Çiğdem Bağbakan Çağan

Head of Sales & Marketing

Oktay Çağlar

Oktay Çağlar

Head of Industry

Supporting your business processes with emerging technologies is the main goal of our business.

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