How to create a trial account and installations in SAP iRPA?


SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation enables the use of intelligent bots to automate the repetitive processes that we encounter in the daily process. Thus, resources are used for priority tasks.

In this blog, we will explain step by step the necessary account creation and installation processes for the use of SAP IRPA.

Trial account

We will explain how to create a trial account from scratch or if you already have an account, will tell you how to extend the trial.

1. Create a Trial account in BTP

Step 1 – Create an account

Open SAP BTP Cockpit to create a trial account.

Click Register button.

Let’s enter the necessary information.

After entering the necessary information, you can click start button.

You can choose the region that’s closest to you.

After this process, you can click continue. This process might take a while.

When you see this page, step 1 is done. Now you can access your trial account with go-to button.

Step 2 – Set Up Account For RPA with Booster

On your trial account page go to boosters from account explorer.

Search for RPA and start “Set up an account for SAP Intelligent RPA”.

Wait until process is done.

When you see this pop-up, the process is done successfully. Click “Navigate to Subaccount”.

Step 3 – Enter RPA Factory

Enter one of the Subscriptions button.

Choose SAP IRPA Trial Application.

Welcome to your RPA Factory!

2. Extend a Trial account in BTP

If you already have a trial account for BTP but your account’s remaining day is 0. You can easily extend your trial time.

3. Installations

You can check Technical Prerequisites and System Requirements from here.

Step 1 – SAP IRPA: Desktop Components for Trial

You should download the latest version of components.

After downloading, run the application.

Click Next.

You can choose Desktop Agent and Studio and click next.

Click Finish.

Step 2 – Desktop Agent Configurations

Click Desktop Agent Icon that will be appear left of your windows bar. If you can not see the icon you can run Desktop Agent App.

Open Tenants Tab.

Click Add button.

Give a name your tenant and use your RPA factory URL.

Select created tenant and click activate.

4. Additional Requirements

4.1. KDiff3

Download the latest version of KDiff3 and run the application.

Click I agree and next.

You can click finish and end installation.

4.2. Web Browsers Configuration

Go to Google Chrome extensions and active RPA Extension.

4.3. Process Debug Manager

Download Process Debug Manager and run the application.

If you scroll down you will find the tool that we use.

5. Check-Up

To check our system, open Desktop Studio and go to settings.

Go to Workflow and scroll down.

Select KDiff3 as a Merge Command Line and set kdiff3.exe from your pc to Merge Tool.

After then select a new project and build the project from debug tab.

If your project build output comes like this, you have successfully done RPA installation!


Congratulations! You have successfully subscribed to the SAP RPA Trial and downloaded all the necessary utilities. Now you can start developing your first RPA project.

Supporting your business processes with emerging technologies is the main goal of our business.

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