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Manage your specific processes with our to-the-point technology solutions.

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Manage your specific processes with our to-the-point technology solutions.To ensure that your business saves costs, runs faster, and can be controlled more effectively we develop new technologies that run on SAP solutions.

SETS – Solvia E-Transformation System

(E - invoice, E - Archive, E - Export, E - Ledger, E - Despatch Advice, E - Producer Receipt)

For SAP running companies, we move invoice, export, ledger, dispatch advice, and producer receipt processes to digital with our cloud e–transformation solutions. We enable you to manage all your e–transformation needs rapidly and cost  efficiently with monthly payments and without license fees.


Eliminate manual control, minimize errors.​

We provide an electronic confirmation solution for building a reliable confirmation process. With our solution, your accounting department can carry out the monthly reconciliation processes for balance, gross sales, and gross purchases online without manual control.

Easy Config

Eliminate the master data complexity in the automotive procurement process.​

Creating and managing new material specifications, dependencies and associated master data can be painful for a new model or a new car seat in the automotive and automotive supply industry. 

Solvia’s Easy config solution uses basic master data tables and removes master data complexity and features easy to use variant configuration design by using brilliant modeled functions in the back-ground.

Both fiori-apps and sap-interface are available for users to experience.

Weighbridge Solution

Get weighing information from any computer-connected scale.​

With our Weighbridge Solution integrated with SAP, you can get weighing information from any Weighbridge with a computer connection by using stock and current card information. You can also check with the order / delivery note records in the current system and automatically update records in your SAP system. The com port listener (serial port) software is also included in the package. Your logistic department can record the actual weight directly from SAP screens.

Bank Integrations​

Solvia Bank Integration (SOBE) solution offers an  efficient and flexible way to manage all your bank transactions including outgoing and incoming payments through SWIFT MT940 ( end of day ) or MT942 ( intra – day ) bank statements via the various technical connection alternatives we offer.

Intra (Import, Export)

All import and export transactions are on ERP​​

Our solution enables your business to carry out all your import and export transactions on your SAP ERP system, and decrease the work of manual processes.

Need Talent Cockpit

Automate capacity planning and budget control in your projects!

Project-based companies need to accurately identify the needs of the projects and seek resources accordingly. However, this manual search is time-consuming and prone to faulty capacity planning.

Need Talent Cockpit uses SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) to bridge SuccessFactors, JIRA, LinkedIn and SAP Sales & Service Cloud, and automatically lists the best candidates for your resource needs, prioritizing project profitability. It facilitates project follow-up and budget control, thus accelerating the procurement of needed resources.

Report Executer Bot

Perform your reporting processes with a single click, fast and error-free!​

Companies use reporting processes to take quick action in the face of changing situations. However, repetitive manual reporting processes increase the risk of errors and cause loss of time and productivity.

Solvia Report Executer Bot automates your processes by retrieving your Fiori reports from different SAP solutions using SAP Conversational AI and Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA). In this way, user-related errors are eliminated, while saving time and increasing your productivity.

Solvia Chemistry Package

Digitize your processes and prepare for Industry 4.0 by prioritizing sustainability.

In the recipe development processes, choosing the wrong raw materials  or making the wrong mixtures due to incorrect weighing causes faulty products, production losses and excessive resource consumption. Failure to follow the processes correctly increases the complaints from the quality control and the end user, and makes it difficult to stay within the budgeted product costs.

With Solvia Chemistry Package, specially developed for the chemical industry, you can reduce excessive resource consumption due to faulty raw materials and incorrect weighing, and reduce your costs with the right recipe versions. In addition, you can detect faulty products quickly with quality monitoring, and contribute to your process safety thanks to automatic alerts for accident prevention.

Supporting your business processes with emerging technologies is the main goal of our business.

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