Our SAP PLM Recipe Development webinar is complete!

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We held our keenly attended SAP Recipe Development webinar, which we planned for Thursday, 25 March with participation of SAP Turkey and Döhler Gıda.

Our webinar featured SAP PLM solution as well as recipe, regulatory compliance, tagging management and privacy, which are very critical to the processes of product lifecycle.

You can access the video of webinar watched with interest by over 100 participants here.

Why Does Recipe Development Matter?

Consumers are further interested in the products and their ingredients, and the information is now more accessible than ever. Full transparency in terms of product ingredients and packaging underlies a long term and permanent mutual trust between consumer and brands. Increased importance of ensuring reliability of information and consumer confidence turns into a driving force for product development and presents a good opportunity for those who can respond to market conditions quickly.

Process industry has to automatize recipe development processes, which are critical for ensuring quick adaptation to these opportunities presented by the new market. Here, the SAP Recipe Development comes in. SAP Recipe Development provides the opportunity of end-to-end digital management for many critical processes such as recipe development and recipe privacy, and compliance with regulations for product development and regulatory teams.

SAP Recipe Development:

  • Additive based formation (TDRD) considers customer requirements as the primary identifier of every recipe.
  • It provides an integrated and data based “system” video to coordinate and integrate the variables that can have an impact on a product.
  • It enables real time cost, nutrition or ingredient calculation
  • It has a role- and web-based user interface that pays attention to the recipe developer only.

Supporting your business processes with emerging technologies is the main goal of our business.

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