As Solvia Yazılım ve Danışmanlık A.Ş. (“Solvia”), we conduct our activities in compliance with the legislation concerning the Personal Data as well as the resolutions made by the Personal Data Protection Board (the “Board”). Pursuant to article 10 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data no. 6698 (the “Law”), it is stipulated to inform the natural persons to whom the data belong ( the “Data Subjects”) when obtaining their Personal Data. This clarification text was prepared to inform the Data Subjects whose Personal Data are processed by Solvia in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

Data Controller: Solvia Yazılım ve Danışmanlık A.Ş.
Address: Kozyatağı Mh. Değirmen Sk. No : 18 Nida Kule A8 Giriş Kadıköy – İstanbul
MERSIS No: 0773034619100012
Trade Registration No: 907137-0
Tel: 0216 573 27 08

1. How Do We Collect Your Personal Data?
We may collect and process your Personal Data by ourselves or through our representatives, employees or several channels in accordance with the regulations set out in our Personal Data Protection, Processing and Storage Policy, the Law and other relevant legislations by any written, spoken or electronic means as well as through video records, audio records, completing the form available on the website or other forms provided by our Company, contracts, surveys, interviews, electronic/digital platforms and sites, online channels including social media platforms, e-mails, sales, marketing or support departments, events and other ways.

2. For What Purposes Do We Process Your Personal Data?

We may process your Personal Data based on your explicit consent or the cases mentioned in articles 5 and 6 of the Law which do not require explicit consent for the following purposes:

  • Conducting emergency management processes, Conducting information security processes, Conducting audit/ethical activities, Conducting risk management processes, Conducting training activities, Conducting access authorizations, Conducting strategic planning activities, Creating and tracking visitor records.
  • Conducting activities pursuant to the legislation, Conducting finance and accounting affairs, Ensuring the security of physical spaces, Conducting assignment processes, Conducting/Supervising business activities, Receiving and evaluating suggestions for improving business processes, Managing organizations and events, Conducting contract processes, Conducting sponsorship activities, Conducting supply chain management processes, Conducting price policy, Conducting management processes
  • Conducting the selection and recruitment of the prospective employees/trainees/students, Conducting the application processes of prospective employees, Fulfilling obligations arising from employment contract and legislation for employees, Conducting the fringe right processes for employees, Defining user accounts for employees, Tracking shared vehicles, Defining business PCs/phones and e-mail addresses, Issuing company IDs and meal cards, Planning human resources processes, Conducting occupational health/safety activities, Conducting performance assessment processes, Foreign personnel work and residence permit procedures, Conducting talent/career development activities
  • Offering products and services, Customizing the offered products and services according to the requests, Updating or upgrading the products and services due to customer needs or legal and technical developments, Conducting firm/product/service loyalty processes, Conducting purchase processes for goods/services, Conducting after-sale support processes for goods/services, Conducting sale processes for goods/services, Conducting production and operation processes for goods/services, Conducting customer relations management processes
  • Providing website security, Website usage analysis, Fulfilling the requests submitted through the contact form on the website
  • Fulfilling legal and contractual obligations, Pursuing and conducting legal affairs, Conducting internal audit/investigation/intelligence processes, Tracking requests/complaints, Informing authorized persons, institutions and organizations
  • Conducting communication processes, Conducting advertisement/campaign/promotion processes, Conducting marketing analysis studies, Conducting customer satisfaction activities, Conducting product/service marketing processes


3. To Whom and For What Purposes Do We Transfer Your Personal Data?

The Personal Data kept by our Company may be transferred to the following natural or legal Third Parties inside or outside the country in accordance with the regulations of the Law regarding the transfer of data.

  • Service Providing Accounting Firm, Service Providing Agencies, Personal Retirement Insurance Firm, Life Insurance Firm, Legal Counsels, Health Insurance Firm, Payroll Preparation Firm, Service Providing Public Accountant Firm, Suppliers: Personal Data may be transferred to the service providing firms/people specified in this article within the scope of the products and services, and the commercial, legal and contractual relation established to the extent which is limited to the data to be processed and the purposes of processing such data.
  • Employees: In order for our Company, and in this regard, our employees to duly carry out their assignments and to allow for communications, Personal Data of other employees, customers as well as other people to whom the employees have to reach to fulfill their duties my be shared to the employees.
  • Event Sponsors: Personal Data may be transferred to the Sponsors so as to be used for fulfilling their sponsorship activities and obligations to the extent which is limited to such data that are required for achieving that purpose.
  • Natural Persons or Legal Persons: Personal Data may be transferred to the legal persons which are legally authorized to request information and/or document from our Company to the extent which is limited to their requests and to such data that are required by law.
  • Business Partners: Personal Data may be transferred to the business partners in order to establish a business partnership and/or fulfill the purpose of a partnership to the extent which is compliant with and limited to this purpose.
  • Stakeholders: Personal Data may be shared to the stakeholders to the extent which is limited to the purposes of following up the activities, determining and developing business strategies, carrying out audits and informing the shareholders.
  • Customers: Personal Data of the employees may be shared to the customers in order to offer the products and services received by the customers within the framework of the relation between the customers and us.
  • Authorized Public Institutions and Organizations: Personal Data may be transferred to the legally authorized public institutions and organizations to the extent which is limited to their requests and to such data that are required by law.


4. Which Rights Do You Have as a Data Owner?

You are entitled to;

  • learn whether your Personal Data are processed or not,
  • request information as to if your Personal Data have been processed,
  • learn the purpose of processing your Personal Data and whether such Personal Data are used in compliance with the purpose,
  • know the third parties to whom your Personal Data are transferred in country or abroad,
  • request the rectification of your Personal Data processed incompletely or inaccurately, if any, and to request reporting of the operation carried out in this regard to third parties to whom your Personal Data have been transferred,
  • request the deletion or destruction of your Personal Data, despite being processed according to the provisions of the Law and other relevant legislations, in the case where the reasons that require processing and storing them disappear, and to request reporting of the operation carried out in this regard to third parties to whom your Personal Data have been transferred,
  • object to the occurrence of a result against you by analyzing your Personal Data processed solely through automated systems,
  • claim compensation for the damage arising from the unlawful processing of your Personal Data,

by applying to our Company.

However, pursuant to the provision set out in article 28/2 of the Law, you may not exercise your rights mentioned above, excluding the right to claim compensation, in the following cases where personal data processing:

  • is necessary for the prevention of committing a crime or for crime investigation.
  • is carried out on the Personal Data which are made public by the Data Subject himself/herself.
  • is necessary for performance of supervision or regulatory duties and disciplinary investigation and prosecution to be carried out by the assigned and authorized public institutions and organizations and by public professional organizations, in accordance with the power conferred on them by the law.
  • is necessary for protection economic and financial interests of State related to budget, tax and financial matters.


5. How You Can Exercise Your Rights?

If you intend to exercise your rights, you can use the form which is accessible by clicking on the “Application Form” at the end of the page. To make an application, you may complete that form and send your request in writing or through registered e-mail (KEP), secure electronic signature, mobile signature or your e-mail address previously notified to our Company by you and recorded in our Company’s system. Applications must be made in Turkish in order to be able to exercise the application right.

For the applications made in writing, you may send the completed and originally signed form to our Company address, which is stated at the beginning of this Clarification Text, by means of a notary public, deliver it by hand, or convey it through your legal representative or agent.

For the applications to be made electronically (by e-mail), it is necessary to fill in the Application Form, scan the originally signed form in PDF format and send it to our Company’s e-mail address

Applications must include the name, surname, signature if the application is in writing, TR identity number of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, the nationality, passport number and identity number (if any) of the foreigners, principal residence or workplace address for notification, principal e-mail address, phone and fax number for notification (if any), and the subject of the Request. For the applications to be made by a legal representative, such applications must be accompanied by the notarized special power of attorney or the documents demonstrating the authority of legal representation (e.g. approved guardianship decision) as well as the document supporting your request, if any, especially such documents which demonstrate the facts when you state that you suffer damages or an unfavorable result.

Your requests sent through the form shall be answered freely as soon as possible, in each case within maximum 30 days, per the quality of your request. However, the fee in the tariff specified by the Board may be charged where the procedure incurs an extra cost.

For such applications, the failure to share the information completely and correctly, the failure to state the request clearly, the failure to convey the documents supporting the request at all or duly, and for the applications made through an agent, the failure to add the copy of the power of attorney may cause difficulties in fulfilling your request or delays in the investigation process. Therefore, it is important that you observe such matters when exercising your rights. Otherwise, our Company shall not be responsible for possible delays. Our Company reserves its legal rights against erroneous, unreal/illegal and malicious applications.


(Solvia Personal Data Processing, Storage and Disposal Policy)
(Application Form)

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