Solvia Need Talent Cockpit

Solvia Need Talent Cockpit

Automate capacity planning and budget control in your projects with Solvia Need Talent Cockpit!

Today, companies working on a project basis need to determine the needs of the projects correctly and look for employees accordingly. However, this manual search is both time-consuming and prone to faulty capacity planning.

Need Talent Cockpit bridges SuccessFactors, JIRA, LinkedIn, and SAP Sales & Service Cloud using SAP DWC, and automatically lists the best candidates for your resource needs, prioritizing project profitability.


  • Automates capacity planning of systems and eliminates manual errors
  • Ease in project resource management
  • Increase in project profitability
  • Accelerates the acquisition of needed resources
  • Ease of project tracking and budget control


  • Extract data from SAP Sales & Service Cloud or JIRA to list possible project opportunities with DWC.
  • With SuccessFactors, position requests are collected from LinkedIn and the company.
  • Bridges DWC to SuccessFactors, JIRA, and SAP Sales & Service Cloud.
  • Data collected from SuccessFactors, JIRA, and SAP Sales & Service Cloud are analyzed.
  • Appropriate candidates are listed, taking into account project profitability and employee salaries.

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