Process Intelligence 101 – A Podcast Series


In today’s rapidly changing and developing world, it is the key for organizations to keep up with this speed and transform into a strong player. Of course, it is not just to keep up with the transformation, but the important thing is to realize this change with the right tools and by taking the right steps. This is where process management comes in!

We had pleasant conversations with our guests on all the topics you need to know and the most curious ones in our podcast series on process management and process intelligence, which allows organizations to reorganize their business processes and implement changes quickly!

Listen to our podcast series now, find answers to your questions!

Get to Know Our Departments Closer

Process Intelligence 101 | ABC’s of Process Intelligence

We make a quick introduction to process management by answering the questions of what we mean when we say process management and business process intelligence, what tools should we use to manage processes and add intelligence to these processes.

Process Intelligence 101 | Competencies in Process Management

What competencies are there that we can use for process management among the tools we use in modern life? In this section, we answer the questions of how we can improve our processes by integrating them with external systems.

Process Intelligence 101 | Tips for Applicable Process Design

Process design is one of the most important steps in process management. Today, the fact that the people who design the process and are at the head of these processes are different, causes the designed processes to be different from the actual operation and sometimes completely incompatible. In this section, we talk about which tools we can use to eliminate this incompatibility and involve the original owners of the processes.

Process Intelligence 101 | Roadmap in Process Optimization

When the drawn processes are tried to be spread over the whole organization, different situations can be encountered. In this section, we talk about what we can do to minimize such situations, to understand whether the plans manifest in the same way in real life, and to determine and eliminate the problems that may arise. We also talk about what technologies can be used to optimize processes and cover the issue with real-life examples.

Process Intelligence 101 | What We Don’t Think About in Process Management

In our previous sections, we answered questions about how processes should be managed, the tools we use in process management and the points we need to pay attention to. In this section, we discuss not the questions that come to our mind in process management, but the points that we do not think of but that will benefit us when we learn.

Process Intelligence 101 | The Role of Process Intelligence in Digital Transformation

Change is a part of our lives and keeping up with this change is very important for companies. So, which technological tools do we use while following this change, what can we do better in digital transformations than before, which processes should we transform, and why should we not be afraid of transformation? In this section, we both answer these questions and also touch on why and how SAP positions these tools.

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