A Recipe for Chemical Industry by Solvia! An SAP Partner Success Story: Solvia Chemistry Pack


Vol1: Ready? A digital journey is about to start for Chemical Industry…

As Solvia, we have made significant deductions regarding business processes and needs of the industry as a result of our efforts in chemical industry, and achieved considerable expertise in terms of critical points and needs.

We have understood the importance of accelerating the processes in chemical industry, observed how difficult and critical to track frequent changes in regulations, and found out how slow reporting negatively affects the processes.

Based on this information, we rolled our sleeves up with fresh eyes and started to develop a product package for the industry to work out these fundamental issues, improve its processes through complete digitalization and boost processes efficiency with an end to end transformation.

Vol2: Now is the time for an industrial recipe, binding up wounds!

Which issues to be worked out with which technology? Then, it was time for going through experiences and generate solutions. We decided to have slow processes go faster on Rise with SAP cloud technology. Rise with SAP, a next gen cloud ERP, was the best recipe for the slowness issue of chemical industry.

We added RPI (Robotic Process Automation) technology to our recipe to finalize reporting processes that needs to be accelerated and to enable the senior management to access all reports conveniently in the chat environment. With the Report Executer Bot that we developed for automatic report generation during Hack2Build in SAP Intelligent RPA, we made reports that contain hundreds of lines accessible within seconds. And just by writing which report you want in the chat!

We knew that there were significant production flaws, delays in production and supply issues due to incorrect or multiple versions of recipes generated in the chemical industry. Thus, we added also the SAP PLM RD (Product Life Cycle Management-Recipe Development) solution to prevent customer dissatisfaction that may happen due to incorrect production, waste, and then delays in supply process, to the package. Besides, we provided solution for production flaws resulting from incorrect weighing via Mettler Toledo integration.

Therefore, the final product package has become a recipe comprising the smartest technology and solutions for the chemical industry. For us, it was. Well, did the experts who spent years in the industry agree with us?

Vol3: Waiting excitedly for expert opinions and let’s start the product testing!

We had our final product package reviewed by the experts on the customer side with an experience over 40 years in the chemical industry. We finalized our product by receiving expert opinions and feedbacks to determine the MVP (Minimum Viable Product ) version of the product.

Vol4: SAP was with us all along the line and then, our product was in approval process.

We had close contact with SAP since the beginning of our journey, and SAP guided us at every step of our product development process. Having made us feel its support at any time, SAP has always been there for us to meet the requirements for our product to be approved and track it via regular meetings, supporting and encouraging us.

We entered into the evaluation process after detailed presentation of final version of our product to SAP Global. As the product review by SAP Global and SAP Turkey officials comes out well, “Solvia Chemical Industry Package” has turned into an SAP certified product!

Thanks a million to SAP for their support….

Vol5: A window of new opportunities opens…

With approval of our product by SAP, we started creating various opportunities in the chemical industry. We introduced our product to many important chemical companies by meeting them and created opportunities. Our evaluation processes continue excitedly.

Thanks to Solvia product development team that contributed to preparation of our product to work out issues for the chemical industry, our experience that pushed us into this process, our customers and SAP…

Supporting your business processes with emerging technologies is the main goal of our business.

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