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  Before launching the created sales-related email campaign, marketers need to collaborate with the Sales team and gather feedback from them. Sales Campaign feature enables Sales Representatives to access Emarsys’ email campaigns that have not yet been launched and allowing them to provide feedback on the campaign or make adjustments with limited access.

How can we achieve sales collaboration with B2B business cases?

  SAP Emarsys Account Engagement is an integrated marketing solution that brings instant business value to marketing, sales, and customers with out-of-the-box capabilities. The key ingredients are content, context, and collaboration. B2B add-on Account Engagement enables you to utilize B2B Sales Cloud data for engaging, segmenting, and automating.

Sales Collaboration

  Responsible marketing team user creates an on-behalf email campaign on Emarsys and adds personalization to include data for the default sales representatives, who are specified by the Sales Manager in SAP Sales Cloud as the Account Owner. Differences between an on-behalf email campaign and others include recipient source selection, email basics “from” descriptions, and personalization tokens.

When the on-behalf email campaign is executed, system automatically checks the account-to-sales-representative relationship for each defined account included in the campaign and retrieves the data for the default sales representatives. Before setting up the Sales Campaign, we need to create a contact list that includes an account relationship. If the account relationship does not exist for the contact, contact will be ignored. While setting your contact criteria please select your Account relationships as Account Engagement UUID of Account. (best way of setting criteria)

Or please set your filter with Company name.

To select the email you created, open the Email Campaign list and choose the email, or search for it. Choose the contact list you require then under Scheduling, enter the date by which the review needs to be completed. Sales Collaboration tab gives you the opportunity to decide on restrictions for sales representatives, it is easy to select their rights from Emarsys page.

  When a Sales Campaign is sent for review to Sales Cloud review tool, responsible sales representatives can review the email content and selected recipients. Sales team will be enable to see current campaign in Sales Cloud / Campaign Review tab.

This feature enables you to add or remove contacts and accounts and use the send-on-behalf feature to determine which contacts should receive the email on their behalf.

You can also select the “Add Comment” button to enter textual comments about your positive feedback or any concerns you have for the email campaign.

After the feedback and changes that have been made on recipients, marketers see their feedback on Emarsys Collaboration monitor and can make some adjustments to the campaign as required.

When campaign is sent for review, Emarsys Sales Campaign tool enables you to synchronously follow the actions of sales representatives. From Collaboration tool, you can determine how much time is left until the due date for the review. Application shows the number of sales representatives who have reviewed the campaign, as well as the number of confirmed, added, and removed contacts and accounts, which are important metrics to track. Additionally, it’s essential to monitor the number of positive and negative comments received. In Comments section, the actual comments and the sales representative who made each comment should be clearly displayed.

Tracking these metrics allows for a comprehensive understanding of the campaign’s performance and the level of engagement from sales representatives. As a final step, you can check the outcomes of your engagements and accounts by KPIs on emails, trends, mobile, and registrations. To check email analysis please navigate to Sales Campaigns > Analysis in Emarsys.

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