HR Processes Run on SAP SuccessFactors

HR Processes Run On SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors Suite is a cloud-based HCM solution comprising different main and supportive modules for HR processes, which include Recruiting and Onboarding, Learning, Performance and Goals, Compensation Management, and last but not least Succession and Development. These modules can be acquired separately, and be matched flexibly, depending on the needs and requirements of your company’s middle-/long-term strategy. Below is a short overview of the modules, their general integration and interdependency:

  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting
  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll
  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning
  • SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development
  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals
  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation
  • SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning
  • SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics
SAP SuccessFactors Suite Modules

This compact overview will focus primarily on the introduction of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Learning, SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development, SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals and SAP SuccessFactors Compensation.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding

With a huge range of functions, these two modules comprise all aspects of the acquisition, evaluation, administration and recruiting of new employees. HR employees can create and design their job advertisement, compliant with the corporate design, and place them on the designable career site which is not only mobile optimized, but also has access to more than 2000 different channels.

Using the analysis tools, employees responsible for HR can optimize the company’s long-term recruiting strategy and adapt the qualification profiles to changing structures immediately.

A customizable step-by-step guide will assist new employees during the critical Onboarding-phase and help them to adapt to the new circumstances quickly.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll

Being one of the core modules, Employee Central can be acquired solely and enhanced with different features and modules. It can help you automate core HR processes, deliver intuitive employee self-services, track time and absences. As it provides a single source of truth for HR Data, you can not only administer and evaluate this data, but also profit from live insights to make data driven decisions contributing to your HR strategies. Due to broad, integrated, and searchable employee and organizational data, you can build long-term success-oriented structures.

Time tracking and absence management help you and your employees manage a global workforce on a single platform. With this feature, it is possible to track and record attendance according to local laws and collective labor agreements, including a real-time check into the employee’s accrued balances, overtime, and premiums.

With SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll you can leverage an intelligent solution that connects HR, time management, benefits administration, and compensation processes. The automated recalculation feature allows an ongoing transparency concerning personnel costs, as it allows making changes on employee records which belong to previous accounting periods and can recalculate affected former periods.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning and SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development

These modules help in extending the individual training offer for each employee with the aim of continuous, targeted, and active personnel development. Regarding different corporate strategies, these tools also support the leadership competencies of encouraging management trainees. These modules provide a useful opportunity to help retain employees, who feel appreciated and motivated by receiving tailored support, and help increase their loyalty towards your company.

SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals and SAP SuccessFactors Compensation

With SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals it is possible to define and set individual, but business-oriented goals for your employees. Continuous coaching and constructive feedback help employees pursue their goals actively and support gaining knowledge.

The aim of SAP SuccessFactors Compensation is to appreciate and increase the employee’s productivity based on sophisticated compensation planning and management, including incentive and recognition programs or the realization of a performance-oriented remuneration.

Supporting your business processes with emerging technologies is the main goal of our business.

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