Our SAP CX webinar took place with the participation of Bursalama and Döhler Gıda!

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Our SAP co-hosted “Customer Experience Webinar” took place with real-life customer experience stories from our customers.

In our webinar, Pierre Wiese (Head of Commercial Business Solutions of Döhler), Selin Andık (SAP Applications Business Analyst of Bursalama), Can Bostancioglu (CX Solution Sales Executive from SAP) and Solvia Unit Managers Necmi Aksu and Hakan Köse, discussed SAP CX solutions and they explained their own experiences.

Pierre Wiese, on behalf of Döhler Gıda, explained how SAP achieved success with end-to-end customer experience management covering sales, service and marketing processes and their overall solution architectures.

Bursalama SAP REX Project is the first SAP REX (retail execution) Project in Turkey. Selin Andık from Bursalama, explained how they operated the perfect store scenario with this project.

During the webinar, SAP REX perfect store scenario demo was presented. Our webinar ended after a Q&A session.

You can watch the webinar in this link.

Supporting your business processes with emerging technologies is the main goal of our business.

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