SAP Analytics Cloud aims to realize projects in a shorter time period, with the ready content it offers to its solution partners. In particular, innovations in the field of planning are offered in a single package to solve the needs of our solution partners, allowing companies to make improvements specific to companies easily. Integrated Financial Planning for S4/HANA is just one of the many freeware ready-made content available to us. Thus, SAC Planning provides many ready to use content for free.

Modelling Structure

When we take a look at the model structure, we see the dimension structure as below. Dimensions and sample master data come with ready-made content. You can easily add a different size structure based on your need, to the relevant model and make your plan depending on the size you add. Also, you can easily upload your ERP system master data to the SAP Analytics Cloud and update them at regular intervals. On the right, you can check whether the uploads were successful or how many master data were updated.

Modelling Structure

Data Management

In the field of data management, direct connection methods with S4/HANA system come with ready-made content. You can easily upload data from many data sources other than SAP to the SAP Analytics Cloud and send the data back to the S/4HANA system.

Integration with S/4HANA

The new tables became available in the S/4HANA.

  1. ACDOCA – For actuals
  2. ACDOCP – For Planning

With SAC Planning, we can easily read data from ACDOCA, as well as easily send the planned data to ACDOCP. We do not need to use an extra standard solution to do these operations.

ACDOCA – For actuals & ACDOCP – For Planning

In addition you can import your excel files as csv format.

If you wish, you can take over this data at any time intervals and control this process through SAP Analytics Cloud.

Schedule Settings
Data Timeline

Value Driver Tree

With the value driver tree feature, we can make higher level planning and instantly view the changes in the sub-components that this planning depends on. We can increase and decrease the data as a percentage with the button.

With the Value Driver Tree function, we can create dummy components and view the effect of the dummy component we have created for the plans we have made at a higher level on the same screen. Thus, we can easily make more complex planning.

Value Driver Tree

SAP Analytics Cloud data in Microsoft Excel

We can also access SAP Analytics Cloud via Excel. For this you can use the official add-in for Sap Analytics Cloud or SAP Analysis for Microsoft Excel both.

We can not only reach but also send data to SAP Analytic Cloud system instantly by making data entries via excel.

SAP Analytic Cloud system instantly by making data entries via excel
SAP Analytic Cloud

Easily Allocate the data

In order to be able to use and manage the distribution methods, we can perform very fast distribution operations on the system by entering the information of what to distribute where and what to use, without the need for any extra development.

Easily Allocate the data

If we wish, we can create them as a chain and run multiple distributions in a single chain.

We can create them as a chain and run multiple distributions in a single chain.

Data Validations and Authorizations

It’s possible to create valid combinations between dimensions in the model using rules (even with more than 2 dimensions at a time). We can restrict the screens on which users can enter data. We can manage these validations through attributes and avoid user errors.

Data Validations and Authorizations
Data Validations and Authorizations 2

Using BPC for Hybrid Planning

In SAC Planning, you can do high-level planning and simulate your forecasts and also have the capability to push down the disaggregation if you are using SAP’s Business Planning and Consolidation.

In this case, SAC allows for two options:

  1. Import data from SAP BPC (Netweaver and Microsoft) into SAC and report on the same by mapping the dimensions, and then use SAC for planning instead of BPC and write back data to BPC from SAC
  2. Run predictive analysis on BPC data locally within SAC to identify trends and simulations and write back if necessary.
  3. The other advantage is that once the BPC data is imported into SAC, you can combine it with other data models to develop your plan further.

You can export the data from SAC Planning to different SAP BPC versions. Then, you can continue to planning with BPC functionalities.

SAP BPC functionalities

Also, if you have an embedded model, you can use planning sequences or data trigger methods in this embedded model via SAC planning. If you have HANA BW system, you can transfer these calculated data back to SAC Planning with live connection again.

SAC Planning

What are the main advantages of the SAP SAC Planning?

One of the main advantages of SAC Planning is ready for use with cloud technology. Nonetheless, maintenance and IT costs much less than on premise solutions.

Unified experience for Planning, BI and Predictive all in one service Live data connectivity enables SaaS for everyone end-to-end analytics the collaborative enterprise. That’s eliminates artificial barriers between Planning and Analysis. Integrated BI, Planning, and Predictive capabilities support an agile and seamless Planning & Analysis experience.

Deliver plan integration and consolidate all planning on a single platform by leveraging best-in-class connectivity to SAP solutions, and pre-delivered Best Practice content (like Cost Center Planning Business Content) to realize accelerated time to value.

WHY should use of SAP SAC Planning?

Looking at current functionalities and the roadmap of SAP Analytics Cloud, the product is ready to meet your business requirements and provide more in terms of business analytics to your end users. The on-premise product portfolio will remain in place, and SAC can be tightly integrated with your system in order to deliver a top-notch front-end and enhanced functionality.

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