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It is of strategic importance for organizations to look out for asset optimization in real estate management to succeed in today’s competitive economy. Organizations must gain insights into their real estate portfolio to boost portfolio performance, take correct decisions, and reduce costs. Along with changing consumer requests, organizations also need the latest solutions for compliance with standards, renting requirements, and real estate management regulations.

SAP Real Estate gives you a competitive edge by meeting all these needs, facilitating corporate level house and commercial real estate management processes.

SAP Real Estate Management uses the latest digital technologies to optimize and facilitate end-to-end real estate management processes of your organization. As an integrated solution, SAP Real Estate handles all stages of the lifecycle of your properties including purchase, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, use, and disposal.

What does the SAP Real Estate solution provide for you?

Providing end to end real estate management, SAP Real Estate enables the following functions to optimize your property portfolio management:

  •  Real Estate Objects Management
    – Access two views of the main data via architectural view and usage view.
    – Create and manage any type of real estate object such as commercial asset, land, building, and rental area objects.
  • Contract Management
    – Manage all contracts related to your real estate portfolio including rental, client and seller contracts.
    – Assign various rental objects from various commercial organizations or building to any contract.
    – Complete management of complex rental conditions, terminations, extensions, respondents and reminders through the system.
  • Area Optimization
    – Consider extraordinary architectural structures, usage issues, technical facilities and properties.
    – Define the areas flexibly and rent out by removing from a larger available area.
    – Visualize your real estate objects through data exchange with external graphical systems such as GIS, Revit or AutoCad.
  • Centralized Business Processes
    – Integrate asset management posts and reports.
    – Ensure real estate control.
    – Easily plan and control new building development, equipment management, maintenance-repair and modernization projects.
    – Process purchase orders and manage commitments for real estate maintenance.
  • Financial Contract View
    – Check cash flow to the householder.
    – Organize expenditure records.
    – Ensure full compliance with accounting principles such as VUK, IFRS, GAAP and HGB.
    – Evaluate IFRS 16 Rental contracts and show them in the balance sheet.
    – Have automatized and instant accounting processes through S/4HANA Finance integration.

Supporting your business processes with emerging technologies is the main goal of our business.

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