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In these times when the world is changing rapidly, we are witnessing this transformation in all areas of our lives. As companies, the adequacy, flexibility, and compatibility of the technology we use in this journey of change play a much more important role.

We may be questioning how sustainable the practice(s) we use as Human Resources are in the “Performance and Goal Management” process, which is one of the main points where we contact the employees the most, and their contribution to our business productivity, business results, and employee commitment in our rapidly transforming and advancing world. When we consider productivity and the direct impact of employee commitment on business results, performance processes directly affect the structuring of an entire organization.

Thanks to the “Performance and Goal Management” within the talent management processes of the SAP SuccessFactors family, which is a cloud-based smart Human Resources solution and provides access to anywhere with the internet; the establishment of individual goals in line with the company goals, the proactive experience of the employees in this process, and the commitment of the employees to the process are aimed with accurate measurements. It also provides a holistic perspective to performance processes with an infrastructure that allows continuous feedback to be made easily and quickly.

The ability to express the goals determined in accordance with the company strategies throughout the organization is one of the most fundamental steps of success and development.  Goal management, which is built with the goals set in a structure in line with the company goals, provides a direct impact on business efficiency and productivity by directing resources most accurately and systematically monitoring the desired results. Goals, which are defined according to their categories with the flexible structure of the scorecards that can be associated with the performance forms in the ” SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management” module, can be weighted and scoring can be made according to the intervals determined in the goal realization rates. More than 500 smart goal contents are available within SuccessFactors and goal libraries can also be created specifically for companies. Likewise, Competency Libraries, where you can measure the talents of employees for them to successfully continue their roles, can be designed specifically for the company according to the culture and visions of the company and a competency model can be created.

Actions to be taken at each step can be determined and viewed during the evaluation with road maps where the steps to be followed by the form during the performance process can be built. In addition, the information about who is responsible in these steps can be displayed and flexibly designed in the system.

Managers can easily view and control on what steps all team members are in the performance process and request feedback from a single screen.

It is possible to make “Continuous Performance Management” within the “SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management” module. With Continuous Performance Management, employees have the opportunity to make their activities and success steps visible to their managers in real-time. Thus, realistic goals and activities are defined.

Managers can add new activities and achievements to team members and match them with goals, and easily increase target employee motivation and communication by easily monitoring and coaching team members. Continuous coaching and feedback support employees to work realistically and in line with their goals.

Employees can sort their activities in chronological order or according to the goal they are committed to, and they can experience the performance with continuous feedback on a personalized screen designed for them. Therefore, they obtain meaningful and realistic results.

“Calibration” sessions can be organized in the Performance and Goal Management module, and the calibrations of the evaluation score resulting from the performance evaluation in the team and department breakdowns within the company can be provided. Apart from the performance score, many metrics such as potential, goal, and competency scores can also be included in the calibration. Scores can also be calibrated according to predetermined organizational distributions.

With the “SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management” module, you can make your “360-degree” evaluations comprehensively. 360-degree evaluation, which enables evaluations with a more fair and wider perspective, enables you to get a comprehensive output about employees’ strengths and aspects that need improvement. You can analyze the difference between the scores given by the participants to themselves to a certain competency and the scores given by other evaluators. You will get a multiple and rich evaluation result, which can include managers, teammates, subordinates, and external evaluators.

“SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management” module, which presents our data with an easy, flexible, and holistic approach for better business results and faster decisions, stand out with a high technology that can keep the performance process experience of our employees personalized, interesting, and the communication between managers and employees at the highest level.

Supporting your business processes with emerging technologies is the main goal of our business.

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