Why Should You Use SAP TM

why should you use sap tm
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There can be many reasons to invest in SAP TM, few insensible to most sensible. Few common issues throughout industries which force to spend money on SAP TM module.

  • Freight procurement is a headache
    Facing issue in purchasing freight and establishing agreements with customers with strategic freight management and collaboration portal integration.
  • Order visibility is nil
    SAP TM offers the exceptional mixture of tracking and achieving the crystal-clear visibility.
  • Customs law is painful
    Customs clearance, sanction party screening, dangerous goods regulations, and loading procedures can easily be managed.
  • Customer and vendor invoicing, profitability evaluation is not effective
    SAP TM integration with SAP ERP FICO provides the standard function to take care of your requirements.
  • Dynamic business and complicated rules
    SAP BRF Plus is the correct place to write your logic and it is easily available with every SAP TM system.
  • Warehouse is disconnected with transportation solution
    SAP TM and SAP EWM integrated solution is the correct way for your business and proper solution for your problems. Besides, EWM can transfer the packaging material to EWM so that the warehouse manager arranges to also pack the deliveries or materials with the same packaging material. ‘Package building’ functionality of TM creates packages (or pallets) for the relevant deliveries in freight order with the relevant packaging material as set in TM master data. Once the ‘Load plan’ is finalized for the truck, the freight order is transferred from TM to EWM which creates a Transportation unit in EWM. Package from TM creates a Planned shipping handling unit in EWM.
  • Manual transportation planning is inefficient and erroneous
    SAP TM optimizer is the proper tool to automate the planning process.

Supporting your business processes with emerging technologies is the main goal of our business.

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