Omnichannel Approach to Marketing: Have a Unique Marketing Experience with SAP Emarsys


Customer experience has a great importance in today’s business world. With the rapidly changing digital marketing trends, customers expect further personalized, meaningful, and interactive experiences and businesses must review their marketing strategies and tools continuously to adapt to these expectations and maintain their competitive edge. At this point, SAP Emarsys comes through for businesses.

Customer experience is elevated via SAP Emarsys

SAP Emarsys, a customer experience management platform, incorporates many functionalities such as marketing automation, e-mail marketing, personalized e-commerce features, customer relations management (CRM), and analytical features. Built to help elevate customer experience, SAP Emarsys allows businesses to create personalized marketing campaigns based on customer behaviors. Helping businesses meet today’s customer expectations, SAP Emarsys also offers a range of tools to its users for collecting and analyzing customer data.

Collecting data through various channels along the digital journey of a customer, SAP Emarsys enables the creation of personalized marketing campaigns based on the needs defined via segmentation of this data by customer behaviors. For example, SAP Emarsys might try to reacquire a customer by creating an e-mail campaign or advertisement based on customer behaviors when that customer searches for a product, leaves the site, and then sees the same product on social media channels.

SAP Emarsys utilizes many tools such as e-mail, social media, mobile devices, and websites to collect customer data through various channels. The data collected in detail is placed into segments by customer behaviors upon being combined in the SAP Emarsys platform.

Creating a personalized, meaningful, and interactive customer experience

SAP Emarsys draws on diversified strategies to improve customer experience. SAP Emarsys creates personalized content based on customer behaviors to grab customers’ attention and enable the brand to offer a better experience. SAP Emarsys can also organize specific reacquisition campaigns to ensure reacquisition during a customer’s digital journey. So, it is possible to grab customers’ attention and redirect them to the brand. With these strategies offered, SAP Emarsys plays a key role in improving customer experience and boosting the brand’s success.

What is SAP Emarsys?

SAP Emarsys is a platform designed specifically to manage customer experience and enable personalized marketing automation. Emarsys has been bought by SAP and integrated to reinforce SAP’s customer experience portfolio and provide better customer interaction for businesses. With robust artificial intelligence and machine learning features, Emarsys provides businesses with the opportunity to better understand their customers, optimize their interactions and create personalized marketing campaigns.

What are the Benefits of SAP Emarsys?

SAP Emarsys contributes to businesses in creating an effective customer experience with the benefits offered. The platform provides personalized content and suggestions based on analysis of customer behaviors and preferences. So, customers receive more relevant and effective marketing communications while businesses can increase customer loyalty. Marketing automation features of the platform enable businesses to manage their marketing campaigns more efficiently. Thus, businesses can easily schedule and monitor important marketing activities such as automatic segmentation, e-mail marketing, and social media posts.

SAP Emarsys enables businesses to instantly monitor customer behaviors and quickly adjust their marketing strategies by providing real time analytics. Also providing effective tools to increase customer engagement, the platform helps businesses increase customer satisfaction and engagement by enabling them to create customer specific campaigns, promotions, and loyalty programs. With numerous benefits offered to businesses, SAP Emarsys provides a competitive edge for businesses by elevating the customer experience.

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