SAP Receivables Management


With SAP Receivable Management, automatize processes that optimize the financial value chain, and boost the efficiency of receivables and collaboration with clients.

Monitor receivables in real time to keep up with market dynamics, define risky accounts and improve financial processes via Receivable Management.

Perfect with S/4HANA Finance, Receivable Management automatizes your credit evaluation, client services, cash collection and dispute resolution processes. You can generate top quality client interaction reports with the help of automatized processes, and reduce the number of bad debt deletions due to easier credit management with reporting.

With SAP Receivable Management;

  • Boost your operational efficiency.
  • Optimize your capitalization.
  • Provide top quality client experiences.

What are the fundamental properties of SAP Receivable Management?

Credit Management
  • Perform client grading based on rules, including internal and external factors, during workflow to make quicker decisions when credit limits are reached.

Dispute Management and Client Services
  • Settle disputes faster by using workflow and escalation tools to shorten collection period and increase liquidity.
  • Identify the main reasons for client disputes to fix business processes and reduce the number of future disputes.
  • Improve collaboration with sales and senior management.
  • Provide your account and sales teams with real-time data about capitalization to increase transparency for your clients.

Collection Management
  • Manage overdue accounts efficiently by monitoring deferred client receivables to shorten your collection period and improve cash flow.
  • Create a proactive cash collection management by triggering and monitoring activities towards clients.
  • Put a hold on orders, per scoring, of the clients from whom collections can’t be made.

Process Automation
  • Rely on direct processing of transactions and provide smooth process automation from order to cash.
  • Save time by eliminating repetitive and manual activities.
  • Lay a foundation for machine learning and other smart technologies.

Supporting your business processes with emerging technologies is the main goal of our business.

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